Mannaheim Kindred of Northern Virginia


Mannaheim Kindred has flown “Heathens Against Hate” Banner since 2003.

We believe that anyone who feels called to worship the Norse Gods or walk the Norse Path has the right to do so.

Mannaheim Kindred is an Independent Kindred: it is not affiliated with the Ásatrú Alliance, Ásatrú Folk Assembly or The Troth.


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About Us:

We gladly accept LGBTs, non-Heathen family members, piskatarians, vegetarians, Soy / Gluten-free folk and well-behaved children.

Our monthly rituals are instructive and focus on the Northern Mystery Tradition, the Elder Futhark Runes, the Heathen Liturgical Calendar, the Poetic and Prose Eddas, as well as the Northern (Germanic, Norwegian, and Scandinavian) Myths and Deities.

Our rituals are “participatory” in that readings are distributed among everyone who attends and we are always looking for strong readers.

We take pride in the fact that the group makes the mead used for our Sumbels and Blots from prime ingredients such as artisan water; raw, unfiltered local honey; organic fruit and common culinary herbs and spices.

In addition to the traditional three round Sumbel, we also share a meal together. Please come prepared with a side dish that will feed about 15 people (the average number of participants).

How We’re Organized:

We have a five-member Board of Directors (the Mannaheim Council) who also serve as President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and, Clergy. Per our by-laws, these individuals also provide the overall governance structure of the organization.


We’re a Little Different…


We aim to be accepting of anyone who can ascribe to and demonstrate a willingness to pursue the following Tribal Values:

1. Autonomy

2. Cooperativeness

3. Courage

4. Generosity

5. Honor

6. Hospitality

7. Family

8. Frankness

9. Friendship

10. Moderation

11. Simplicity

12. Steadfastness

How to Meet Us:

Mannaheim Heathen Pub Moot

Alexandria, VA
50 Pub Mooters

This meet-up page is the public facing page for our closed group Kindred (Mannaheim Kindred). This group meets approximately once a month on the 2nd Thursday at a local pub/ r…

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Sine Irish Pub & Restaurant Heathen Dinner

Thursday, Jun 14, 2018, 7:00 PM
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